Art, design & social innovation – exploring creative strategies for more human, self reflective and life-sustaining systems

Welcome to KOKO Labs – my temple and sanctuary, the place where I make sense of the world, where new realities are born and new links are established. I´d like to see this as an archive and an educational resource of a life and a practice driven by constant disruption, evolution and growth, where I co-evolve with the systems and the cultures I´m intervening in, in the search for a more balanced state of being. I call it Conflictual Harmony: making polarities or differing perspectives move together towards more life sustaining, human and self-reflective systems.

Johanna Tysk, Creative Director


KOKO blog sharing transdisciplinary insights from New York!

Between 2016-2018 Johanna Tysk attended the two-year MFA-program Transdisciplinary Design at Parsons School of Design in NYC. Parsons is part of the New School with a long tradition of social research and social engagement overall. Follow her blog for writings, learnings and reflections.


Conflictual Harmony – an intervention philosophy for systems change

As part of her final thesis project in the Transdisciplinary Design program, Johanna Tysk produced a publication outlining an intervention philosophy drawing from almost ten years of experience at the intersection of art, design and community innovation. Its purpose to enable systems analysis, innovation and creativity across disciplinary, cultural and social barriers.  


KOKO Labs invites guests from Atlanta for online talk about art, hiphop and social innovation!

The talk invited:

Danielle Deadwyler: artist/actor/writer.

Bem Joiner: Creative Culture Curator and Community relations manager at Center for civic innovation.

Tommy Lee a.k.a. Sir Tom Foolery: artist/painter/designer.

The talk was held over Google Hangouts at Iaspis offices in Stockholm, as part of the Konstfack course Organising Discourse and in collaboration with Cenk Dereli, architect, activist and artist-in-residence from Istanbul.


Change maker in residence in Röstånga!

During the summer of 2017, Johanna Tysk was selected for a residency in the village Röstånga, Skåne, Sweden, based on her interest in links between (sub)urban and rural change movements and innovation.


Part-time faculty at Parsons!

During the fall of 2018, Johanna Tysk will serve as part-time faculty in the Strategic Design and Management program at Parsons School of Design, teaching creative team dynamics and professional/personal development.


The path to Conflictual Harmony

"The Path to Conflictual Harmony - a dialogue in the conjunction point of art, design and the social sphere" (2015) was the first articulation and exploration of the concept “Conflictual Harmony.”